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TV's Take

During this slow economic recovery period many people are still working at cutting back on any unnecessary spending. Like many of you, there are things I will spend a little more on while other things I’m a bit thriftier. Status Quo Example: We still dine out once a week and our once a month date night is still at a nice restaurant. Thrifty Example: My husband does the yard work and I clean the house. I think of cleaning the house as a workout and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Would I like to hire someone to clean the house for me, um heck yeah; however it’s a luxury I’m not willing to spend money on. In addition to ‘doing it ourselves’ I also save money by not shopping. I know this concept is not revolutionary but it works; I’m not tempted to buy what we don’t need. What are some ways you’ve saved money in the last year?

TV's Take

Amy, thanks for your comment! I've been working at this for the past few months but I'm still a little trigger happy with the credit card. Bad habits are hard to break. Let me know how your progress goes.

Amy Vaught

like TVTakes idea aboutsee no evil credit or debit card purchases this way it helps to have finances to hydrate

TV's Take

Spring is fast approaching and if you are like me, you’ll love to spend as much time as possible outside. Our patio furniture was starting to look tired so instead of investing in new furniture we spray painted the old metal furniture with Home Depot’s Rust-Oleum. In addition, we are going to invest in rust colored cushions from Target to give our outdoor area a more colorful look. This investment is going to save us hundreds and hundreds of dollars, which is always a good thing. Perhaps we will use the savings to host more gatherings with friends. This process of refurbishing reminds me of growing up, whereas we would actually fix thing instead of throwing them out. It’s funny how we have become so cavalier about money. Got any good refurbishing tips to share?

TV's Take

This blog is for all the ladies who enjoy shopping for great deals. Yesterday I spent the day with a lovely friend shopping for spring clothes. This season is all about soft feminine looks which is a nice change from the/my standard black or gray. If you are like me, you like nice things but don’t want to break the bank at a store like Sax Fifth Avenue to get it. I am a J. Crew, Anthropologie and Banana Republic fan. While these stores have very cute stuff right now, I have to plug Ann Taylor Loft (www.anntaylorloft.com) at the moment. Their clothes and accessories are quite fashionable and a little less expensive than Banana. So if you are looking to spruce up your spring wardrobe check out The Loft and treat yourself to a few fun fashions at great prices. Got any good economical fashion tips for spring to share?

The Spa

Great idea! It is ironic how it is actually "scary" to truly know what your expenditures are and take control of them rather than letting them control you. By using cash only it is amazing how much more mindful you become of where exactly you put your dollars!

TV's Takes

Great question Spa for the Soul. During a news program yesterday I saw a clip about how Americans are detaching themselves from their finances. Examples: not examining their credit card bills, not knowing how much they owe on their vehicle with interest etc. This year I am going to take ownership of knowing where my money is going. One tactic to make this happen, take out a set amount of cash each week to cover my Target/Walmart stops, dining outs, and clothes purchases. By seeing the cash that remains in my wallet, I will be more mindful of how much I’m spending versus the ‘see no evil’ credit or debit card purchase. This will help keep those expenditures that tend to get out of control, in line. My goal, use the savings for a nice family vacation.

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