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With change comes renewal... I tend to get rid of stuff, not to be attached to things, clothes, possessions. They have a tendency to slow you down and to keep you from taking risks sometimes. I have a hard time to let go of certain things though and I wish I knew how to make choices. What to keep, what to let go? How does one make a sound decision when it comes to what seems important to you?

TV's Take

Are you taking time to enjoy the holidays? Busy busy busy is how I would describe the holidays for my circle of friends and family. Between work and raising a family I haven’t taken the time to appreciate the beauty of this holiday season. I used to dream of sitting by the fireplace, listening to Christmas music with my children. I still have the dream and now I have the family, fireplace and music but I simply haven’t taken the time to stop, relax and appreciate all our blessings. This realization is incredibly frustrating! I’m letting life get in the way of enjoying my life. As of today my commitment is to stop and take in the scents of this holiday season, listen to the music and laughter and remind myself of how fortunate I am to have such wonderful friends and family. How are you enjoying this holiday season, really?


Do we really have a choice in the matter? NO! Every day starts with a new sunrise and rays of opportunities or challenges ready for us. There are two kinds of people: those who, when the phone rings, wonder who the hell it could be and those who are happy to get the call, wherever it comes from. Good surprise? Bad news? It doesn't matter really. What matters is that you stay open minded and are always ready to embrace the good. As for the bad.... well, without it there would be no good so let's be happy that we can tell the difference!

TV's Take

Holidays and Family – Avoiding Stress. As the Holidays approach there will be great memories to share with family and friends. This time of year can be stressful for some because family time may not necessarily mean fun time. Families come together to be with one another but that does not always mean they should talk openly together. There are many members of my family that have very radical political and religious beliefs. I respect that they have their own personal beliefs however when I come together with family the last thing I want to do is get into a heated debate over politics of religion. For me family time should be fun and relaxing. So for all of you who dread the holidays because of the passionate discussions during the holiday dinner I have a suggestion. Since history tends to repeat itself, I’ve wised up and asked my mom in particular not to talk about politics when we are together. Reluctantly she agreed and about 75% of the time we spend together she is compelled to bring up one political point or another. The good news is that avoiding a topic such as politics, has indeed improved our relationship. Every time she wants to talk about politics I simply remind her that we agreed not to talk about it. Most of the time she will comply while another fraction of time she will still try to slip in one last point (she is tenacious). The significance in all of this is that our relationship has gotten better. We argue less and look forward to seeing each other more. So as the holidays approach and you are preparing for World War III just remember it is okay to set boundaries. You and your family deserve peace and happiness this holiday season just like everyone else. Is it time you made a change and set some boundaries with your family?


Change is inevitable and once you realize that your life has more value because it is easier to lean towards change, and embrace what comes your way. Learning the value of dealing with change can make your life easier and calmer.

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