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TV's Take

I am a multi-tasker and in general I don’t see anything wrong with it. I can clean, watch the little one, do laundry and get ready for the day basically at the same time. My husband on the other hand doesn’t appreciate all I can do in a very short amount of time. He is methodical, quite possibly the antithesis of a multi-tasker. Last week he came home and proudly announced that he read an article stating multi-taskers actually get less accomplished than their counterpart. The cause; they typically have to go back and redo what they’ve already done. Okay, I’ll admit this can be true. While working, I quickly realized not everything can or should be done quickly. Making big mistakes, particularly at work don’t pay. Then again there are times when a snails pace just won’t do. There are other times my husband’s meticulous, detailed style is ideal. My opinion, this world needs both, don’t you agree?


I you need steps in order to get rid of clutter and stuff that is clogging your house or your brain you might consider writing it down and.... burn it !

TV's Take

I tidied up prior to a play date at my house this morning. I was more worried about having the house clean for the play date than I did for my own family, which when you think about it, is bizarre. This is a learned behavior as my Mom was classic for cleaning prior to the cleaning lady or plumber coming over. Keep in mind she always had a clean home but there was extra special cleaning done before any worker entered our home. Most of us put on a certain pretense for people outside our immediate family. Example: Do you put on make-up prior to doing any errands outside the home? More than likely your answer is yes. I’m not necessarily suggesting we change these habits; we should put our best feet forward as much as possible. At the same time we should examine whether our families are getting equal treatment; the best of us. What do you think?

TV's Take

Our house is generally neat and clean, but not immaculate. We don’t have a cleaning crew and I am the only one that cleans in our family. Lately when I start procrastinating the job of cleaning I say to myself, “clean like someone might come over unexpected”. Well, I must say in the last two weeks this ‘what if’ scenario has paid off! The most notable example was my Aunt and Uncle who drove 1,500 miles and surprised us with a three night visit. As a result of my ‘what if’ speech, I had just mopped the floors a few days prior and washed the guest room sheets. With one hour notice I was able to tidy up right before the door bell rang. So the next time you start procrastinating all that needs to be cleaned, think about how you’d like your house to look in the event someone surprises you. Hey, is that your door bell I hear?

TV's Take

If you are like me, you don’t enjoy cleaning but love the end result. I’ve come to appreciate three cleaning tools that help me achieve the ‘end result’ more efficiently. 1) Swiffer WetJet (www.swiffer.com). I hated mopping our floors and would try to avoid doing so as much as possible, but that left dirty floors. With the WetJet, I now mop about two times per week. Swiffer cleans great and I loves those darned mop commercials! 2) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (www.mrclean.com). The Magic Eraser gets rid of those scuff marks on doors, baseboards and walls. You can use it on almost everything. 3) Zep Grout Cleaner (www.homedepot.com). For those of you who have tile floors this stuff is magical. You apply it directly to the grout and the dirt miraculously comes to the surface. With the task of spring cleaning around the corner consider some of these tips to make your house a nice clean home. Got any cleaning tips to share?

TV's Take

Do you have a loved one that is addicted to forwarding e-mails? I do, my mother. She forwards sappy e-mails, political e-mails, e-mails for better health - you name it she forwards it. I’ve told her to stop forwarding me all this e-clutter craziness otherwise I was going to block her. She has listened to a degree but I still get a few wacky ones. I’ve suggested that instead of forwarding all this nonsense, to just send a nice personal e-mail once and a while. Getting a nice personal e-mail would mean more to me than reading yet another e-mail telling me that if I don’t forward this onto 10 people in 10 seconds I’ll have bad luck for 10 years – ugh! I’ve told my mother it’s like crying wolf, after a while I just stop reading her e-mails. So if you are addicted to forwarding e-mails, please stop. Got any good e-mail forward intervention stories to share?

TV's Takes

Per an earlier blog declaration, I am happy to report I have cleaned and organized my closet and office. Out of full disclosure both areas could use another two hours of work but there is only so much one can do, right? Indeed there is such a sense of accomplishment and pride in cleaning out all that clutter. In fact I am now sitting in my office and as my eyes inspect my work the room looks and feels so much better. It is amazing to think how we let clutter pile up and up. Even more perplexing is that some of us know better, we know to prevent the clutter but somehow procrastination overrides our better judgment. So there you have it, my new year is starting off better organized. I am not disillusioned and anticipate that my life will be super organized, but I will enjoy my home more. What have you organized today?

TV's Takes

Does your home reflect your life? I was recently reminded of a popular saying, “Your (fill in the blank) is a metaphor for your life”. In the case of this conversation, they were talking about the state of people’s homes, closets, and offices as a metaphor for life. My reaction to this common comparison was UGH! My office is not neat and my closet is not in good shape but for the most part my house is in order. So what to do with this information – clean and organize. We all know that is all easier said than done. As a result, I am going to try to purge and organize my closet this month and my office next month. While I believe my home is generally in order these rooms are not. It would be nice walking into my closet or office and feeling calm and happy and quite frankly proud of my organizational skills. Is your home a metaphor for your life?

TV's Takes

Having a little one around the house means lots and lots of presents this time of year. In order to keep our home from looking like a toy factory, I'm buying a great toy box from Target to help clear her clutter and make the house presentable. Link: http://www.target.com/16958-0-Deluxe-Toy-Box-Chocolate/dp/B002T32HH0/ref=sc_qi_detaillink
I am also committing myself to clean out one closet each month to help keep the house in order and all our stuff under control. Are you staying in control of our clutter?


Oh... clutter ! Lists and boxes haven't helped much. I am a born multi-tasker and therefore clutter is a real issue. I realize that I don't get rid of clutter as much as I displace it. I wish I knew how to really organize it though. Have a look at my address book and you'll understand the nightmare. Organized by nonsense it is: first name, nicknames, last names... sometimes by something as clear as "friend of so and so" under the letter F when it is not in a foreign language. If it's a reflection of what's going on in my mind (and I'm afraid it is) you can imagine the ordeal. Why make it simple when you can make it complicated?

The Spa

Speaking of cleaning closets..how about organizing them! It's amazing how the many treasures that exist in one's closet get lost because you simply can't see them, or they're not placed correctly. Recently, I purchased this very urban and affordable organizer http://www.target.com/b/ref=pd_sim_cat_1_4?ie=UTF8&node=14244601 to help me "sort" things out. It helped me get organized and I feel like I have new clothes without even having gone shopping..


Great topic! When moving you re-clutter yourself with packing and then manicure your clutter by unpacking...well when you have to move frequently it's good to reduce your amount of manicures by reducing or simplifying your clutter. It feels so good once you get that final manicure and your clutter is organized...plus GoodWill is happy!


Great suggestions TV's Take! Wow, just realized after your post that is fast approaching. Yikes. I'm on it!

TV's Take

Manicuring your Clutter means getting organized and with the holidays just 7 weeks away it's time to start preparing! I don't know about you but with only 7 weeks left, I already have four weekends booked. This forced me to start prioritizing what needs to get done during that time and thought I’d share my list with you all:
1) Making the list of gifts. In my family we draw names among my siblings and set a dollar limit. Begin asking those you buy for, what they want for the holidays? Order any hot gifts now before the rush begins and you’re left holding a rain check ticket for 2010.
2) Christmas Card photo. Within the next two weeks we will make the decision whether to have a professional photo for our holiday card or have a loved one take a nice photo of us together. A few sites to check out when creating custom photo Christmas cards: www.minted.com and www.queenbeecustom.com Remember people want to see your photo not some generic Christmas card.
3) Babysitter arrangements. If you don’t have children then this is not a problem, but if you do start making arrangement for a babysitter for all those holiday parties. If you have a pet, now is a good time to arrange a dog sitter when you are out of town.
4) Hosting the holidays/parties. If you are the host of any of the holiday meals, think about the menus and any help that will be needed. Ask certain guests to bring a particular item to share. If your guests are staying with you, make arrangements for sleeping. This may include borrowing an air bed from your neighbor or cleaning out the guest room closet. All the preplanning now will help you enjoy your holidays that much more.
5) Take time for yourself and friends. While the holidays can be stressful they should be a time of fun filled memories with family and friends. Make sure you book a few fun outings with friends.

The Spa

Clutter certainly comes in many forms: your head, your heart OR your closet. As I look down at my fingernails in dire need of a manicure, and reach into my small handbag looking for my ID to get through security at the airport I am reminded that I am in need of much more than a manicure for my fingernails. The bag is crammed with receipts, gum wrappers, credit cards I'm not supposed to be using, and lip gloss in every shad of light pink possible. It frustrates me and causes unnecessary roughness in an already busy day. "I've got to clean this thing out-this is ridiculous!" I yell to myself. So this morning, as I look down at my nails again and think about calling the hotel spa to get a quick manicure, I decide to dump out the contents of my handbag and clean that first. Much better already!


My clutter is all in my mind. It's those demons that creep into your peaceful sleep, wake me up! Oh yeah, tuition, the broken fence, the fan belt, the presentation. And just knowing that if I do go in to a deep sleep, it will all be here quicker.


For me, it is getting rid of the "clutter" that I spend time thinking about, issues that I waste energy on, thus weighing me down and causing me to not focus on what is important, what I can truly have an impact on. Isn't that true of everything at this point in time? What do we truly need to have to substain ourselves? It's time for simple pleasures, and yes, less can be more.

Daryl-Spa for the Soul

Wow, I have the daunting task of cleaning out my closet to make room for new energy, or new cloths! It weighs on me when I have this on my list week after week and messes up my calm. Manicuring the clutter on my desk would be a good step to a less stressful day too. So why is it we avoid these tasks? Wondering so let me know what you think.


Manicuring my clutter right now has everything to do with being more healthy and fit, eating better, losing weight. Also my kids are in need of better nutrition as they are hitting the obesity meter. This weighs (so to speak) on me and need some good advice from other moms out there in this same situation. Thanks


I'd like to clear the clutter in my mind and have a restful night. Sleep is good, a whole night straight through would be fabulous. Noticed I am way more stressed if I haven't slept. Downright crabby. Any suggestions?


Feels so good to clean closets and toss out what I haven't used. I have a two year rule, not used in that time-buh bye! Picked up some great clear plastic bins which are great for sweaters, seasonal shoes and clothes because you can see through them. Feel like when I clean house I am making room for good new energy in my life and the stress gets toss with the items.

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